SCOOSC Holiday Programme

At SCOOSC the children are able to play with excellent resources in a stimulating environment with their friends from school and the local community. SCOOSC offers adult-led activities including baking, painting and woodwork. The children have opportunities to enjoy their community through visits to local parks, heathland, the library and the Hub. Where possible, outside providers enhance the children’s experiences through the provision of theatre workshops, football coaching etc. Take a look at our current holiday programme to get an idea of the type of activities your child can participate in whilst at SCOOSC.


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Monday 6th April

AM Make an Easter Card – PM Make Easter Cakes

Tuesday 7th April

AM Make an Easter Bonnet – PM Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 8th April

AM Make an Easter Basket – PM Easter Egg Hunt

Thursday 9th April

AM Make Party Decorations – PM Easter Party

Friday 10th April

AM Good Friday ClosedPM Good Friday Closed


Monday 13th April

AM Easter Monday ClosedPM Easter Monday Closed

Tuesday 14th April

AM Make Tissue Paper Flowers – PM Bikes & Scooters (Helmets Required)

Wednesday 15th April

AM Scratch Art – PM Den Building (Forest Area)

Thursday 16th April

AM Make Clay Bugs – PM Bug Hunt

Friday 10th April

AM Make a Keyring – PM Scoosc Parachute Games