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Regular Term Time Booking Form

Regular Bookings:

To make booking your child into Scoosc easier and more convenient we have adopted the regular booking form. This replaces the older week on week booking form which needed to be completed on a weekly or monthly basis. Completing this simple form will now guarantee your childs place for the duration of the term.

You will be then billed monthly for the booked sessions, please note that all bookings are non refundable, if your child will not be attending a session/s we are able to issue credit notes if we are given at least 7 days notice.

Session prices from September 22:     Breakfast club: £5.00     Afterschool till 5: £10.00     Afterschool till 6: £15.00


Please complete this form for each child attending Scoosc.


    Children's name (s)

    Child's D.O.B:




    Contact Number

    Please Note: Verwood First is now the only setting for Scoosc.

    Registration Form Completed? YesNo (Required) Non registered child bookings may not be accepted

    If your child has not yet been registered with Scoosc please complete the registration form located here

    Monday Breakfast Club £5.00After School till 5pm £10.00After School till 6pm £15.00
    Tuesday Breakfast Club £5.00After School till 5pm £10.00After School till 6pm £15.00
    Wednesday Breakfast Club £5.00After School till 5pm £10.00After School till 6pm £15.00
    Thursday Breakfast Club £5.00After School till 5pm £10.00After School till 6pm £15.00
    Friday Breakfast Club £5.00After School till 5pm £10.00After School till 6pm £15.00
    Start date of first scheduled session: (Required)

    Payment Method

    Main Payment Method:

    Secondary Payment Method:

    I understand that I have booked my child in and will be invoiced monthly for sessions booked during the term time. Payment is due on the 1st of each month. (Required)

    I understand I need to give at least 7 days notice be issued a credit and that Scoosc offer no refunds. (Required)

    I will complete the relevant booking form for additional and/or holiday club bookings. (Required)

    I understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions. (Required)

    Signed: Date:

    If you are unable to book this way please use the alternative monthly form which can be found here – Alternate Booking Form