Frequently Asked Questions

This page is under construction, FAQs will be available soon!

1, How do I make a booking at SCOOSC?

Please complete a SCOOSC booking form to request sessions at SCOOSC. You can access an online form or print off a hard copy via the Make a Booking section of this website. Places at SCOOSC are available on a first-come, first-served basis but note that bookings are non refundable. We need 7 days notice to provide a credit for future bookings.

An email is sent out every month to remind parents to complete booking forms for the month ahead, but please don’t feel that you need to wait for this email to send in a booking form. Early submissions are welcomed. We do need a booking form per month to confirm bookings.

2, What activities does SCOOSC offer?

Please visit the holiday programme section of our website to see the types of activities that are arranged during the holidays. During term time there are a number of craft activities and games available for the children to play with. When the weather is dry, the children go outside to play so that they get some fresh air.

3. What kind of snacks does SCOOSC provide?
4. What clothing should I provide for my child?
5. Can SCOOSC staff administer medicines?
6. What are the qualifications of SCOOSC staff?
7. Where is SCOOSC run from during termtime and holidays?
8. How do I get my booking & registration forms back to you?
9. Do you provide lunch at holiday club?