How to Pay for your Childcare

Our preference is for payment via BACs (a bank transfer to the SCOOSC account via online banking)the sort code is 20.72.37 and account no is 53376907, or Childcare Vouchers to the SCOOSC account. Please contact SCOOSC Admin on 07827 322403 if you have any problems with the  SCOOSC account. If you make payment by BACS or childcare vouchers please use the reference number supplied with your booking or  put a reference to your child’s name so that we can tie up payments with bookings easily.

We no longer except cheques without previous agreement.

We will except cash but it is very important that If you do pay by cash, you ensure that you pay the exact amount and put in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, school, base and sessions the payment is for on the outside of the envelope. If you do not put the money in an envelope as instructed we will have no record of the payment and you might be re billed.

If you have a contract with standard monthly bookings we will invoice you monthly. The invoice will be sent around the 18th of the month. We expect to have received your remittance by the first of the following month. If  we have not received payment we may cancel your Child’s place.  If you have added any ad hoc bookings they will be added to the invoice sent the following month. The invoice will have an invoice number please use this number as  a reference number with your payment.

Non contract bookings which have been booked using the  website booking form will be invoiced upon receipt of the form. Please ensure the booking form is with us by the 18th of each month.  We will send an invoice with a reference number so payment can be made by the first of  the following month. Please use the reference number with your payment.

Please note that bookings are non refundable. A credit session can be offered as long as any changes to existing bookings are made with 7 days notice of the first session to be changed.